About Us

We are a Bible-believing church rooted in Scripture and prayer, dedicated to preparing our community for His return. With only two senior pastors in 68 years, Chatsworth Foursquare Church is known as a place to call home. The family atmosphere and friendly members are a familiar sight at every service. We are a Bible-believing church focused on helping people find peace in their lives. From the moment you enter Chatsworth Foursquare Church, you feel the love and peace and presence of the Lord.

Our first pastor was Pastor Carl Burns, who graduated from Life Bible College in 1952, from which he had received an appointment to pioneer a church in Chatsworth. On the first Sunday, February 10, 1952, Carl had prepared a sermon for a full house. He and his wife Georgine had knocked on doors, inviting everyone with whom they came in contact. Dressed in their best were Carl, Georgine, and their little son Steve, and even Carl’s parents: Mr. and Mrs. John Burns. They opened the service with the usual prayer and song, with no piano player nor people! The service continued and Carl preached his sermon to his little family.

From those humble beginnings, Chatsworth Foursquare Church has grown over the years but has never strayed away from its family-based roots.

In 1983, Pastor Jerry Moreno started attending Chatsworth Foursquare Church. He graduated from Life Bible College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Theology. He served as the Youth Pastor from 1983 to 1989. He served as Assistant Pastor from 1986 to 1989. Ever since Pastor Carl Burns passed away in 1989, Pastor Jerry Moreno has led Chatsworth Foursquare Church.

He has been married to his wife, Juliet, since November 1986. Pastor Juliet Moreno serves as the administrator of all church activities. She currently leads the West End Ladies Bible Study. Additionally, she leads worship, oversees our faithful volunteers, and plans all social gatherings and events. Their daughter, Jami Casas, directs the children’s ministry and related programs.